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A preview of artwork in production, shown at various stages of creation.
Including some commission work that may not otherwise be displayed on this website.

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Spitfire in Sunset - Oil Painting by Neil Hipkiss COMPLETED PAINTING

The painting is now complete.
Work in progress Part 3 of Spitfire in sunset painting   MAKING PROGRESS

At this stage I am finalising the layout of the clouds. I tend to develop a painting as I progress, sometimes altering the clouds and lighting as I go to better suit the composition. It is still very much a work in progress.
Work in progress Part 2 of Spitfire in sunset painting   BLANKING IN THE CANVAS

This is the base layer of paint for the picture. It provides a basic feel of the lighting to determine where the highlights and low lights will be. It also provides a key for future coats of paint. The lighting has been altered from the original concept sketch to provide strong light effects along the fuselage of the Spitfire.
Concept sketch - of Spitfire in sunset painting ORIGINAL CONCEPT SKETCH

This painting is a commission for a Dutch company. The brief was for a dramatic image of a Spitfire piloted by `Bob' van der Stok, the most highly decorated Dutch pilot of the second world war who was one of only three to make it to freedom following the 'Great Escape'. I produced various sketches but the angle of the Spitfire in this one was the most favourable to the client.

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