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What my customers say...

There are several reasons to commission a Neil Hipkiss original work. Foremost is Neil's talent for getting things right. I am extremely picky about details and correctness and in these critical fields Neil is on par with the other masters of historical aviation art. Second is his friendly nature and his efforts to communicate with the collector to ensure that what he produces meets expectations.
Finally, Neil Hipkiss works are easily the best value for money I have seen in over twenty years of collecting fine aviation art.
Thanks to Neil my future art expenditures will be for Hipkiss originals, not for what now seem like grossly overpriced prints from other artists.

Colin Saunders (Canada)

aviation art commission by Neil Hipkiss GAvA Commissioned Oil Painting (USA)

Both packages (painting & prints*) arrived in excellent condition. I must say, I'm very impressed with the packaging...very safe and secure.

Also, I really couldn't be happier with the painting and the prints...quality well beyond my expectations. Hats off to you for your artistic skill, you truly captured the moment I was looking for.

Thanks so much for making this painting happen.

Lt. Col. Jeffrey 'Tuck' Cohen, USAF

Aviation art commission by Neil Hipkiss GAvA Commissioned Oil Painting (USA)

Let me say again how thrilled I am to have this picture. It is quite remarkable. For my father, all else aside with his Navy flying, this episode is the one that marked him most deeply. The attrition rate for night fighter pilots was high during this period and so, the accomplishment of returning with his aircraft was a source of great sense of achievement. The great shame is that he never got to see your painting - grandchildren and posterity reap the reward. So, thank you for this painting.

P. Hunt
Commissioned Oil Painting (UK)

It was a pleasure to meet you and your wife the other day.
I am pleased to inform you that the Sopwith Pup has now been framed and is in position in my study.
The painting has already been much admired, particularly by the framer who wanted to keep it...

Kind Regards.
Bob van der Stok Spitfire by Neil Hipkiss Commissioned Oil Painting (Netherlands)

Today was the day that the painting including frame came into the office. When we unpacked it there was silence from our corner, and everyone in the office asked me if I didn't like it(?) If I don't like it? It is BEAUTIFUL! The sunlight, clouds and the fine detailed Spitfire makes this an amazing piece of work... It's finally here, a story of a brave Dutch pilot that we will never forget and thanks to you it is immortalized with this absolutely fine artwork. I was the last person in the office today and before I closed the door, I looked over my shoulder with a big grin on my face :-)) A very big salute for your work and I'm sure we will enjoy it for many years to come... THANK YOU!
Spitfire Oil Painting by Neil Hipkiss Aviation Artist Commissioned Oil Painting (UK)


My wife Fiona commissioned a painting from you of a Mk9 Spitfire for my 50th Birthday. I unpacked it today and I was completely blown away. It is fantastic and now holds pride of place in our living room. I just wanted to thank you for producing such a wonderful atmospheric painting for me, I will treasure it always.

Many thanks.
Freedom & Off Duty Prints (UK)

Dear Mr Hipkiss,
Many thanks for the excellent Spitfire print, despatched in the large tube. It's always a pleasure to find that one is dealing with people who do business in a professional way! ...I shall look forward to receiving my 2nd print. Once again, thank you both for the prompt service.
Yours sincerely,
Canadian Typhoon - by Neil Hipkiss Commissioned Pencil Drawing (Canada)

Hi Neil,
I hope the New Year finds you well.  Just letting you know I received the drawing and it's fantastic.  I'm very picky when it comes to details and if something isn't quite right it bothers me to no end. Happily, your drawing is spot on!  You manage to capture the technology in great detail while also giving it presence and imparting a real sense of motion.  It's everything I hoped for and I am so pleased I found you!  I'm dreaming up a subject for the next commission already, hopefully for this summer.  

Until then,  
Your devoted fan   
Coming Home Print (USA)

I received the print yesterday, it arrived in perfect condition. I am very pleased with the print, so straight away I drove to a frame shop and selected the mating and frame. I decided, that since I liked the print so much, to spend the extra money and have it mounted under museum quality glass.
Thank you for a fine piece of art.
Cyprus Companions - by Neil Hipkiss Aviation Artist Commissioned Oil Painting (UK)


If I didn't express it enough previously, let me say, 'I love this painting', you did a fantastic job capturing an eventful experience for me, like my wife, Peg, says the aircraft just looks like it's about to fly out of the canvas. I never tire at looking at it... which is a lot.

Thank you again,
Kevin  C Sevens - English Rally Champion - Oil Painting by Neil Hipkis Automotive Artist 1 of 3 Commissioned Oil Paintings (UK)

"Neil's painting brings back such vivid memories of that particular event. I can even remember the exact time this image was recorded as a result of his true likeness of the occasion."

Kevin C Stevens - English Rally Champion (Group N)
Commissioned Oil Painting (Australia)

Hi Neil, Thanks for your update on the painting. I am very pleased with that... each of your updates looked better and better. My congratulations on a very good paining.

Thanks and best regards, John
Black Arrows Oil Painting by Neil Hipkiss Commissioned Oil Painting (UK)

Dear Neil,

I did call to let you know that I had received it [the painting] ok, mum loves it and thinks it's brilliant, and would like me to pass on her thanks to you for a great painting.

Many thanks,

3 Commissioned Oil Paintings (UK)

Dear Neil,
I have just seen the finished paintings. Just to say they look quite amazing and I know these will be warmly received by our father. Thank you for taking the time and effort to do such a professional job. Kind regards. Nick
Painting of Children in bluebell woods by Neil Hipkiss Artist Commissioned Oil Painting (UK)

Dear Neil,
Thanks very much for the latest images. It looks wonderful. The lighting is exactly what I had in mind, and the children's are superb, it is hard to believe it was done from a photo as not only are the faces/hair etc. exactly right, but also the unquantifiable things such as the way they walk etc. So many thanks, I am delighted thus far.

Dear Neil,
Many thanks for delivering the picture on Saturday. It is lovely, and I am sure it will be a hit come Christmas day! So very many thanks indeed. Many thanks, and best wishes.
Commissioned Oil Painting (UK)

Hi Neil,
The painting arrived safe and sound last week. Thank you very much - it really looks fantastic. Best wishes,
Cierva C30 Pencil Drawing by Neil Hipkiss Aviation Artist Commissioned Pencil Drawing (UK)

Dear Neil,

Thank you for your letter and copy of latest drawing of the Cierva C30 which looks great it's a fantastic drawing and I will look forward to receiving it very soon.

Many thanks
Commissioned Pencil Drawing (UK)

Hi Neil,
The drawing arrived this morning. Just to say thanks. It really is exactly what I had in mind and is beautifully drawn. Will be in touch again with other ideas.
Many thanks, Andy

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