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A preview of artwork in production, shown at various stages of creation.
Including some commission work that may not otherwise be displayed on this website.

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This painting is now complete.

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Below is a brief summary of this paintings creation. I didn't place any time limits on its production and worked on the basis that it would take as long as it takes. It is a large canvas at 40"x30" with a significant amount of detail. In all, it was about 320 hours to paint plus approximately 80 hours to design and setup.


With the aircraft being so large due to the canvas size the level of detail required is very high.

The final part of the painting process is to add all the finishing touches such as  highlighting edges and adding shadows to rivets.

A painting never looks complete until these little touches are added.

The painting is now more or less at the mid coat stage.

The whole painting is now starting to look like an image with the correct areas of light and shade.

It is now easier to visualize the final image, so the final layer of paint and details can be added without any major changes to the composition.

At this stage I am starting to build up the layers of paint more accurately.

I am still only applying a mid coat layer of paint but I am now using closer to the final colour, shade and tone.

All artists paint differently depending on their style. I like to paint smooth and crisp and aim to achieve sharp edges to the aircraft.

I build up a painting in several thin layers of paint to keep the oils flat on the canvas without any large lumps or bumps.

This is the first layer of paint which I refer to as a blanking coat. It will be over painted several times so this first coat doesn't need to be overly detailed, it is just to provide basic form.

A painting of this scale and detail requires a lot of preparation prior to picking up a paint brush.

This detail image shows the canvas after the composition outline has been drawn.

I spent approximately 80 hours to reach this stage; including research, collating reference material, designing the composition and setting up the outline image onto the canvas ready for painting.

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