Neil Hipkiss - Aviation Artist

A preview of artwork in production, shown at various stages of creation.
Including some commission work that may not otherwise be displayed on this website.

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Sopwith Pup - Neil Hipkiss COMPLETED PAINTING

The painting is now complete.
Sopwith Pup - Work in progress  MAKING PROGRESS  

Final detailing has been added to the background, hedges and foreground. The painting is now starting to look more like the finished product but there is still a lot of detail to add to the main aircraft.
Sopwith Pup - Work in progress  BLANKING IN THE CANVAS

The canvas has had its blanking (primer) coat applied and I’m now starting to build up the layers of paint to provide a basic feel of the colours and lighting to determine where the highlights and low lights will be. The brief requires that the colours and lighting should be sepia tones, as ‘Coming Home’ but with a less detailed sky and treeline.
Concept sketch - work in progress  CONCEPT SKETCH  

The brief for this painting was to produce something similar to one of my older paintings ‘Coming Home’ on a smaller sized canvas. After determining which similar features needed to be included I produced this rough concept sketch for the basic composition. The background includes a mix of buildings, tents and a parked aircraft similar to ‘Coming Home’ but in a different arrangement. The aircraft is also portrayed on finals but at a different attitude and heading in a different direction.

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