Neil Hipkiss - Aviation Artist

Print Options - title

Provenance Edition

A truly exclusive print for the discerning collector. This unique print is larger than a standard print and features larger double pencil remarques. This print is also issued complete with the original pencil concept drawing for the painting. It is one of a kind and as such is numbered 1 of 1

 Remarque Edition

A remarque is an original pencil drawing that is added to a limited edition print by the artist, contained within the white border beneath the image. Remarque edition prints are limited to very low numbers and offer a unique way to collect an original piece of art. The remarque drawing is only added when an order is placed, so if you require a specific remarque on your print, such as a particular squadron, please request this with your order.

Double Remarque Edition

 Double remarque edition prints feature two remarque drawings and are limited to exceptionally low numbers.

Primary Edition

 Artist signed and numbered limited edition prints produced at the standard size

Cameo Edition

 Artist signed and number limited edition print, produced at a smaller size but with the same quality as a primary edition print.

Aviation Artist, Automotive Artist & Enthusiast