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Warbird RB396 Oil Painting by Neil Hipkiss GAvA

Warbird RB396

 A UK based charity, the ‘Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group’ has been set up with the aim of restoring Hawker Typhoon RB396 to flying condition. To help with raising funds for the restoration I produced a detailed painting depicting ‘RB’ as it would have looked during its wartime service, with prints available to purchase direct from the charity.

Initially RB396 was delivered to 174 Squadron wearing the standard markings of the time. Following a directive issued on 2nd January 1945, all 2nd TAF aircraft had the spinners repainted Night black, the Sky rear fuselage band over-painted with appropriate camouflage, the remnant  invasion stripes removed and all roundels amended to National Marking III (Type-C1) configuration. RB396 would have worn this scheme for the majority of its service life and its final flight, so this scheme was chosen for the painting. A close inspection of the painting will reveal a slight variation in colour to indicate where the rear sky band was painted over. The preservation group amazingly also made contact with ‘RB’s regular wartime pilot Frank Johnson in Canada who informed them that his wife’s name ‘Sheila’ had been painted on the nose of the aircraft. No photographs exist of this so I produced a few mock-ups of ‘Sheila’ based on the size, style, colour and location provided by Frank. These were shown to Frank who was able to confirm the details. Sadly Frank Johnson passed away prior to the painting being fully complete.

Original Oil Painting

Oil on Canvas 42" x 28" unframed

If you are interested in purchasing the original painting please contact me


Limited Edition Prints

Signed Limited Edition prints are only available direct from the charity, with all proceeds going towards the restoration.

Visit for details.

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