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Lightning T5 Jet Aviation Art by Neil Hipkiss Aviation Artist


Oil on Canvas 30" x 20"

Story Behind The Painting

Darryl is an avid collector and enthusiast of aviation art and I was honoured when he chose me to capture what was a memorable occasion for him. Recreating a special moment on canvas for someone else is always a fascinating challenge and one that I relish.

While stationed at Akrotiri airbase, Cyprus, Darryl was fortunate to be taken on a flight in a T5 two seat variant of the Lightning. The pilot on the day was Flight Lieutenant Neil MacLachlan, 'Clachy', and his name is included on the side of the aircraft below the cockpit. Sadly Flt Lt. MacLachlan was later killed during flying practice when on attachment with the Red Arrows. The painting was named 'Cyprus Companions' in his memory. Darryl is now a pilot in his own right, working as an airline Captain.

For this painting Darryl provided me with as much detail as he could including various photographs taken on the day and the squadron markings of the aircraft involved.

We discussed the important features to be included within the picture including the peninsula and air base and I produced a rough composition sketch for comments.

Darryl thought the first composition was just right and so it became the basis for the painting. Various image updates were emailed throughout the painting process for comments and any necessary adjustments were made to enable the finished painting to be just as required.

Private Commission